There are tons of people across Canada and most other countries that really enjoy their wine. This is a beverage that is often enjoyed with meals, when socializing, and at various celebrations. The traditional wine has alcohol in it, and for some people, this is the only reason they will not consume this beverage. However, there is a great solution to this, and it’s dealcoholized wine.

For those that are now consuming this new version of wine, many are most pleased with it. They enjoy the new selections that are being offered to them. Many report that you cannot tell the difference between dealcoholized wine and traditional wines. There are also many reasons why wine drinkers are now switching over to this non-alcohol version of wine.

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Designated Drivers

There is a lot of awareness about drinking and driving. A lot of people now assign someone in their social group to be the designated driver of the night. This means that they can enjoy the alcohol beverages that may be available at the event. A great solution to this is having some dealcoholized wine available so this individual does not feel left out.

Recovering Alcoholics

For those who were addicted to alcohol and are recovering from this, they must refrain from all alcoholic drinks. This can be difficult for them when they are attending a social event. They are often questioned as to why they are not drinking. Rather than having to explain, they can enjoy the dealcoholized wine, and nobody even has to be aware of this. It looks the same and tastes the same as regular wine, so nobody is the wiser.


When minors are attending a celebration, they often cannot participate in the toasts where alcohol based wine is the choice of drink. Now they can be offered the dealcoholized wine with no issues about its content.