For those who are only somewhat familiar with the game of Roulette, they know that it involves a wheel with some black and red numbers on it and a small ball that gets spun around the wheel. If the player has picked the number the ball lands on then they should be a winner. That is a very basic explanation but there is more to this game.

There are different versions and players soon adopt one as their favourite.

European and Amercian Versions

For those who are playing this game in America then they are playing the Amercian version. Likewise, those enjoying this activity in Europe are indulging in the European version. The basics of the game are identical with the one exception being a slight difference in the wheels. The Amercian version of the wheel has a single plus a double zero. The European wheel only has one zero. The order of the number difference on each of these wheels however they both range from one to thirty-six.

French Roulette

Not a big difference to be found here when compared to the American or European version. The wheel is pretty much the same as the European wheel. Where the big difference is that there are more rules when playing the French Roulette

So which is the best Roulette version to play? It basically comes down to which form is being offered at your Casino, and whether they offer the different versions. It really will be your personal preference. Some don’t like the Amercian wheel because of the double zero. However, many will say this really doesn’t make a difference.

Some like the European version because there are some extra betting choices and the types of bets can vary among these different versions. Make sure you understand which version you are playing when you sit down to play.