If you have an opportunity to spend some time at a local casino in your area then chances are it will give you an opportunity to sit down at the blackjack table. If this is your first time playing this game then you should be aware of the basics of the game.

For those that have never played table games before the blackjack table often becomes the first choice based on a few reasons.

The first reason is because the game of blackjack is really easy to play and learning about it is something that can be done quickly.

The second reason is that new table players often feel intimidated when they have to go up against other players. When playing blackjack players are pitted against the dealer and not the other players that are sitting at the table.

All you really need to accomplish is to get a card hand that totals 21 before the dealer does. Sounds simple but it is a game of chance but there is some decision making to it too. You are dealt two cards to start off with and once you see what they total you need to decide whether you want the dealer to give you another card. This is where your instincts need to kick in. Of course, if you already have a total of 21 in your hand then you are going to come out a winner. You also need to try and determine what the dealer is going to do. Does he already have 21, or is he going to draw another card?

As you get more used to playing at a blackjack table you may start to develop strategies. There are a lot of blackjack players that believe this is the best way to play the game and increase their chances of winning.